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This is what we are best known for!

Joined Up Thinking can fasten onto your current Association a full Membership Benefits Package, and fully manage it on your behalf during the set up phase, and then on an ongoing basis.

This is an easy, fast and risk free way to offer your members a true  range of exclusive benefits for being in your association.

As your association is a group of like-minded and similar organisations, in many instances members will purchases similar products and services.

Without bruising any existing supplier relationships, we can negotiate win/win deals that benefit all parties.  Better prices, increased business and new loyalty provides your members and suppliers a new platform to grow from.



Trade Associations play a crucial role in helping Companies grow and become more competitive in today's tough trading environment.

Joined Up Thinking was formed to support these already formed Trade Associations, by offering a range of services to support, help grow and maximise membership.

See below for our menu of services and support packages.


From just looking after your member list to taking over your full administration, Joined Up Thinking can take all the day-to-day administration from you, freeing up your time to grow your association.

Running an association is not like a ‘normal’ business, but we have the expertise and experience to offer the customer service levels that your members will appreciate greatly.

All our clients are offered a FREE fully branded and secure web portal, that collates all the important information about your association along with your full range of your membership benefits.

We do all the work, whilst you remain fully in control.  Your portal will become a much used and appreciated part of your association members day-to-day life. Click HERE for an example.

Many of our clients use our services to have their own ‘corporate’ association website, which is used to promote to prospective members the good work that they do.

With Joined Up Thinking, a fully featured website with unlimited pages can be provided with NO UPFRONT COSTS, and unlimited updates.

Its guaranteed you will not find better value for money.

Association member meetings are critically important, but can take a huge amount of time to organise, facilitate and minute.

We  offer a range of services from just daily meeting secretariat support for the Chairman , to full venue organisation, delegate coordination, delegate pack production, presentation preparation, and everything inbetween!

We help maximise meeting results with minimum time from you.

We have UK based operators who can answer a number dedicated just for your association.

We answer calls and deal with queries in a polite, and professional manner, recording all calls on our bespoke online system for review at any time.

No longer do you have to be chained to a desk..

We have the experience and expertise to support either brand new associations during the set-up stage, or established associations wishing to grow.

Unlike others, we do not simply create a ‘to-do’ list for you, but instead work alongside you during every step to ensure you reach the exact place you want to reach.

We can support or run your full PR and Marketing, including Social Media, Press Releases and website work to ensure that your messages are always in front of your target audience.

We don’t blind clients with ‘science’, but instead offer a package with clear and easy to see results.

We have expertise with dealing with many trade publications ensuring you get the exposure you require without always having to resort to paid advertising.

New members are the lifeblood of any association, and whilst adhering strictly  to your new member criteria, we can take over recruitment and grow your association to the size required.

From email marketing, telephone sales or visiting prospective members at their premises, we have a full range of services to ensure delivery of your growth plans.

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