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We will provide to you, at no cost, a fully bespoke and secure Web Portal, which we can guarantee will be used daily by your Members!

This stands alone separately from your current ‘corporate website, and is password protected by individual Member so that only your Members can access it.

It collates everything to do with your group, and also offers a ‘one stop shop’ of over 100 APPROVED suppliers who have reduced their normal terms to gain our group business.

It will become the central ‘hub’ for all your Members buying, with them checking the Group prices against local pricing, but also uploading any invoice they want to be included in our ‘Price Check’ service.

In essence, your Portal provides all the required information on the Group Suppliers for the Member to make informed choices on their buying needs.

The Portal can also be used by your Members to direct all ‘Cold Call’ sales visits done on their business to, whereby we collate and investigate all companies who tried to sell to them without an appointment.  You never know, one or two of them may be great for their business, but we trawl through the 1000’s to find them!

You can also use the Portal to collate orders from your Members to maximise ‘special’ bulk joint orders, perhaps promotional items such as Mugs etc or on products they all buy on a regular basis.

You as the Head Office of the Association can also use the portal in many ways, from getting over important messages to using the ‘Bureau’ section for storing often used paperwork etc.

Your Portal provided by Joined Up Thinking WILL become a tool that is used on a daily basis.

Just drop us a line for a Free demonstration.

Click Here to see a sample of your own branded portal

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